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Made in Lithuania

SUMMMER is a trademark of UAB "Dehidra" (Ltd.). Having started our business in 2015, we are currently the largest growers of fresh strawberries and producers of freeze-dried products in the Baltic States. Our goal is to help people take charge of their nutrition and give you healthy, delicious, crunchy and fruity snacks all year round.

Innovative technology

Freeze drying, also called lyophilization, is an innovative technology, when fruits and berries are first frozen, and then dried in a vacuum space, without using any preservatives. Treated and dehydrated in this way, the products become light, pleasantly crunchy and retain their original taste, nutritional properties and aroma.

Integrated business

We work according to a vertically integrated business model, so we control all stages of production: from growing berries, picking, and processing to their final preparation for consumption. The entire growing and processing process is 100% traceable, so we can ensure the safety, quality and the most delicious taste of our products.

Safe and high-quality

We are globally recognized and have received GLOBALG.A.P., BRCGS (Level A), Kosher, and Organic certificates, that are recognized by the food industry. This ensures that SUMMMER products are reliable, safe and of high quality.

Vitamin source

When berries and fruits are dried in the cold, up to 98% of nutrients are preserved, and their taste and aroma remain as natural as fresh. Freeze-dried berries and fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, folic acid, and fiber.

No added sugar

Crunchy, melt-in-the-mouth and attractive in bright colors, SUMMMER berries and fruits are a great alternative to sweets. It's a naturally sweet snack with no added sugar or sweeteners, so even the little ones can enjoy it.

A healthy ingredient

Freeze-dried berries and fruits are a perfect addition to porridge, yogurt, baked goods or desserts, also, for flavoring water or cocktails.

Convenient packaging size

Freeze-dried berries and fruits are convenient to have with you at all times and to taste straight from the package in all life situations: traveling, working or studying.