Have a bite of summmer!

Summm!er freeze-dried berries and fruit are a real explosion of energy and vitamins in a small package! Choose your favourite flavour with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or apples grown in the EU – and enjoy! Freeze-dried berries and fruit are that perfect healthy snack that is especially enjoyed by children in their breakfast cereal, yogurts and smoothies, and as toppings for pastries

Made in Lithuania

Over 90% of the vitamins remain

No added sugar

A light snack on the go


Sliced strawberries


Grown in Lithuania

Summm!er strawberries are grown and professionally tended in Lithuania. We are proud that with the help of our strong team and their diligent attention, we can offer you our delightful local berries!

Technology and research

Our department of agronomic research and experimental development uses state-of-the-art strawberry growing technologies and is continually developing improved solutions to make our produce even more tasty and appealing to consumers.

Fully integrated business

We control every step of our operations, from growing the strawberries to their final preparation for consumption. The entire cultivation and processing procedure is 100% traceable. In this way, we guarantee the maximum safety of our products, the highest quality and the best taste.

Contact Us

If you have any individual enquiries – drop us an email at info@dehidra.com.